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Your story is a gift.

Would you like to surprise your beloved one(s) with an unique, memorable present? Give them a photoshoot, print or photo album holding your story!

1 -           Connection

 2 -           Location

 3 -           Memories

 4 -           Gallery

First I would love to get to know you! We will meet up via Skype or a phone call to share some ideas on how to perfectly capture your story. This is of course free of charge and after this conversation you'll receive a quotation. Then hopefully you are still super excited so we can plan a date for your photography adventure. 

Do you prefer the sunrise or the sunset? Are you most comfortable inside or more of an outdoor person? Maybe there is a specific place you have a nostalgic feeling with, like that coffee bar you and your lover first met! Or that place you used to go everyday with your best friend? Together we will pick the perfect place and time! 

Today is the day we are going to capture your little adventure together! Whether it is a simple day in the forest, located at your house or somewhere new. I will make sure you have received a list with tips & tricks (like what clothing to wear or accessories to bring) the weekend before your photography day. But in the end it is your story that matters most. So the more genuine, the better. ♡

Within a week I will send you a sneak peek. Within three weeks you'll receive all high quality edited photos. Would you love getting a photo album or a photo print too? No problemo! I would love to help you make your gift exactly how you would like it to be.